It all started when…

The Side Project formed in 2015; the group coming together from other Bands to perform for a one off gig. For each of the group this Band was a project on the side of their regular bands so when picking a name for the gig it seemed straightforward…

One gig lead to another, and another, each more successful than the last until “The Side Project” became its own entity.

3 years later the bands popularity and versatility has seen them play at a variety of venues from Corporate events to Weddings and one off Private Parties, plus of course honing their craft on the Pub and club circuit.

Each of the Band have a love for different genre; Pete is a Soul man, Grace loves the Swing and Jazz vibes, Pat is an R&B funkster, Nick loves The Jam (so lets say no more) And Mike? Well, Mike was born to Rock. This eclectic group of musical tastes has produced a wide ranging Set list that can be tailored to any requirement / event or venue.

The energy and sheer enjoyment oozes out of the Band as they perform, creating an intoxicating and unforgettable night for both band and audience alike.